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Wichita Drug Treatment Centers (316) 768-4392 Alcohol Rehab

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Taking the initial step to overcome addiction can feel daunting.  In many instances, people in addiction are not able to seek help or even believe that they need help.  At Wichita Drug Treatment Centers we care for many patient whose families are the only reason they are on their way to recovery. Studies show families who stage an intervention for their loved ones has a 95% chance of motivating them to enter drug rehab.

At Wichita Drug Treatment Centers we recognize the significance of this statistic when it comes to saving lives that may otherwise be lost due to addiction. We provide experienced drug interventionists to help plan and executive confrontations.  Intervention services at Wichita Drug Treatment Centers includes making arrangement for immediate admission into a treatment program.

Patients can go directly to Wichita Drug Treatment Centers to start the recovery process once they agree to get help. Call us today and leave addiction in the past. (316) 768-4392 If you have decided that it is time to confront your loved one, there are some important steps to take that can make the difference between a botched drug intervention and a successful one.

Preparation is key to the intervention process and includes:

  • Choosing the most appropriate date and time for the intervention.
  • Selecting a safe, comfortable venue where there is little opportunity for distractions.
  • Conducting a pre-intervention meeting with participants to review what will be discussed, possible consequences and general procedures.
  • Making pre-admission arrangements for your loved one to enter a drug and alcohol treatment program immediately following the meeting.

An intervention is not meant to judge, convict or cause the person in addiction to feel guilty or bad about themselves for have a brain disease. The primary goals is to encourage the person in addiction to enter a drug treatment program. The consequences of not agreeing to enter treatment must also be pre-arranged with participants.

In instances where the addiction put the addict and other members of the family at risk, it is important to have consequences in place if the addict refuses to accept help. Consequences are used as a tool to emphasize the negative impact that the addiction is having on the addict and other members of the family unit.

Signs Your Loved One Needs Drug Treatment

  • Your loved one consistently denies that they have a problem.
  • Drug use continues despite experiencing serious consequences such as loss of a job, health deterioration or problems with a spouse or children.
  • They have had one or more close calls due to drug overdose.
  • Evidence of the development of mental health issues.
  • Drugs are used to prevent discomfort caused by withdrawal symptoms
  • Drug use has been escalating and they are mixing drugs with alcohol or other substances.
  • Erratic mood swings, anger or aggressive behavior is endangering the safety of other members in the family.
  • They have begun indulging in illegal activity to maintain the addiction.

The benefits of an intervention far outweigh the effort that it takes to stage one. Every day that the addiction continues the person’s life is at risk whether through a drug overdose or health deterioration.

Finding Quality Rehab Treatment

At Wichita Drug Treatment Centers KS, we also provide family counseling and educational programs that help the entire family to understand the various issues of their loved one’s addiction.  Learning about the addiction, the techniques for relapse prevention, the triggers to relapse and how to properly support rather than enable addiction is instrumental in sustaining recovery. Families who work towards rehabilitation together often become more bonded.

Don’t continue to be a victim of someone else’s addiction.  Find out how we can help you to stop the abuse.  Call Wichita Drug Treatment Centers today at (316) 768-4392.

About Wichita, KS

Over 386,552 live in Wichita making it the largest city in the state of, Kansas.  It is situated on the Arkansas River but was first established along the Chisholm Trail as a trading post. Later it became a key route for driving cattle from Texas to the railroads.  As such, it was nicknamed “Cowtown”.  Over the years, Wichita became synonymous not so much with cows but with aircrafts.

Aeronautical engineers and businessmen came together to establish aircraft manufacturing companies such as Beechcraft, Cesna, Stearman and recently Textron Aviation. As these businesses took off, so to speak, so did the Wichita’s economy and the area soon exchanged its Cowtown title for its more prestigious designation as “The Air Capital of the World”.  The Learjet, Airbus and Spirit AeroSystems all continue to operate in Wichita today.

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